“ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST: Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick. Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse and regret.”

-The Fourth of Don Miguel Ruiz’s ‘Four Agreements’

About two years ago I was part of a small group of men sharing personal experiences on the topic of Agreements.  My thoughts were providing me with a mental reel of film streaming experiences of when I was the ‘victim’ (more on this awesome identifier with subsequent Postings) of individuals that broke (or modified without my knowledge) agreements.  How could this tape be so long? Desire for greater awareness prompted me to ask a very important question:

What was my contribution to the breaking or modification of agreements?

When I approach a “self Lessons Learned” process with openness, willingness and honesty, I see that “I am” a very integral component of the lessons; whether these lesson were learned following a particular ‘course’ or not.  I am very relieved to know that shall be provided as many lessons as required to successfully pass the final exam(s); there is an abundance of subsequent classes/lessons that will be made available to me with automatic enrollment into the related course, with tuition and fees paid, until I learn each lesson / pass the course!!! “Thank you very much!”

This leads me to the purpose of this posting, and that purpose is to touch on the agreements I have unconsciously made with God or the Universe, and with myself for that matter, that do not support my Being. The following is a quick, off the cuff list, of the type of agreements I am referring to. I wonder if any of these look and or sound familiar to you.....
  • I am not lovable!
  • I am not strong enough to get through _____!
  • I am not worthy of _____!
  • I do not deserve _____!

My belief, reinforced by my empirical data, which is my experience, suggests that when I state something similar to the above, I am reinforcing this to be true, or calling this to me.  Why would I ever say I am not worthy of ‘anything’?  Well, I know why! …and that is a separate topic. 

What is important today is that I become aware of unconscious, or conscious untrue, agreements that I have made. The intention behind this awareness is to either 1) break this agreement or 2) replace this agreement with an affirmation or denial, or 3) modify this agreement to include language that uplifts and supports my Being. My supported belief is that God/Universe sometimes gives me what I ask for, for many reasons; even when it turns out what I am asking for may not be in my best interest or well being. There is also something to be said about drawing things to me that I put significant energy into. This energy expenditure has often occurred over a period during which I was primarily unconscious; definitely in a relatively unaware state. 

One of my aspirations is to “always do my best”! I believe that I am better equipped ‘to do my best’ when relatively unhealthy agreements, similar to those list above, resulting from (referencing Ruiz’s Agreement above) “self-judgment and self-abuse,” are omitted.

Time to have some fun ‘breaking agreements’!

Resulting from this level awareness will be a Process that I shall share on this site.  My professional skills shall come into play to assist in the generation of a bulleted process with introduction and conclusion, more than likely supported by a ‘Yes/No’ type flow-chart. This part may be fun for me!

Blessings and love!!!

The thirteenth century Sufi poet Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī (Rumi) is one of my most insightful and inspiring teachers in the present.  It is not important to me to learn who Rumi was through his poetry and poetry readings, as it is for me to know who I am through his work. The question "Who am I?" is one of my three most impaction questions in my walk. Rumi speaks to me.

Before reading Book IV of the Masnavi this morning, I was preparing myself by reading various sections of Rumi's poetry and paused after reading the following:
"Where you perceive from should not change what you perceive,
unless you're in a dark room."
I have sat with this thought for about two hours now! I get it... I agree with the above... However, do I practice what I this? Do I really 'get it'?  When I flip through my 'lessons learned Rolodex' (this is a mental Rolodex that may or may not require a processor upgrade!!) am I able to sift through the data and identify examples where this was the result? I choose not to answer this question yet. 

What I perceive is usually symptomatic of where I was perceiving from (internally and externally). What is going on internally is usually reflected in the perception-mirror in front of me. I suppose I create my reality. [On a side note this is a gift. If I am the creator of my thoughts and reality, then I have the power and ability to change my thoughts and reality. Awesome!]

How do I change this? I would like to see 'what is' regardless of where I am perceiving from. This navigational tool would assist me in altering my current perception point (vantage point); this is important for me considering some of my empirical data results in my 'location that I perceive from' being an illusion.

More thoughts and contemplation to come on the above paragraph...

The following are three questions for your consideration and comment if you feel comfortable and so moved to do so. I learn from you experience and value what you have to say. By sharing your experience you become my teacher!

Contemplation Questions:

1. What comes up for you when reading the quote above?

2. Do you agree or disagree with this quotation?

3. Is this quotation implemented into your  practice?
Today I will not dwell on the past or on the future.  I have no need of the past or of the future, when I step fully into the present moment; the Now.

Today I will release the past and the burden that I have attached to it.  The past no longer exists and has to control or power in this moment, the present.  The future does not exist and is therefore a result of the choices and decisions I make in the present. I know that when I am fully present in the Now, walking my spiritual path, the future will be in alignment with God’s will for me.  

Today I realize that God’s will is for abundant peace, happiness, health, and love. Today I pray to be fully present and in alignment with God’s will, believing that the illusion of struggle or strain is symptomatic of my moving in a direction opposite of God’s will.

Today I acknowledge the feelings or thoughts of struggle or strain as cardinal points on the divine compass; these thoughts or feelings point me in the divine direction of my Being – turning me away from the direction that results from continuing down the path of struggle or strain.  In bringing such feelings or thoughts close to me, I can quickly release them and let them go; I am back on the divine path, aligned with the power and strength of God’s will.

The present moment is the home of my Being; it is the place where my heart is centered, allowing heart to heart connections with others. 

Today I pray to remain conscious throughout my day asking for the strength to walk in love and light with integrity, allowing me to live what I know to be true.


Today I ‘release and let go’!  Today I am aligned with God’s Will!