This morning I desire to write about the Red-tailed Hawk (Hawk). I have observed this Class of Bird from the commencement of my awareness. This is relatively a short period, when compared to my existence in this human form. No, there was no judgment in my aforementioned statement! :)

Taking a moment to reflect back in time, I am presented with empirical data that suggests my conscious noticing of the Hawk(s) was often during, or perhaps following, events in which I experienced difficult emotions centered in separation, such as (but not limited to) sadness, feeling down, alone, abandoned, empty, despair, and lost. Questioning my purpose, my existence, and even question my higher power (ever think and/or say this one: “Where are you?”; “Show me a sign!”, etc.), which I shall call God (other familiar identifiers include nature, the Universe, etc.).

The last example above related to questioning God, “Show me a sign!”, is an awesome DEMAND, to spend a moment writing about. My God is a God of Love, not the God of fear that I often hear about. God knows that the difficult feelings I experience in a particular moment are symptomatic of something else going on, deep inside my Being. Illusionary or not, the feelings appear to exist in actuality to me in the moment. To date, I have yet to die of a difficult emotion that I have experienced, even though I can think of two instances where I thought this could/would occur.  Therefore, God has yet to provide a lesson to me in a form or method in which I could not learn or master.   A Proverb, or saying, comes to mind:

“Smooth waters do not make a skilled sailor!” –(I am not sure of the author of this proverb)

Getting back to ‘Demands’ from God! The first conscious, awareness I recall having around the Hawk followed a demand of God in 2009.  I was alone, standing on a balcony, overlooking the splendor of the Napa Valley, in St. Helena.  Surrounded by nature, I cried out of God to show me a sign of his existence.  I am very mindful of using the word ‘want’ in lieu of ‘need’; however, in this moment, I believed  I needed a sign. “SHOW ME THAT I AM NOT ALL ALONE!” I cried out. Leaning forward, squeezing the iron out of the railing that separated my concrete balcony from the gentle, swift breeze that accompanies the third floor elevation, I physically felt the occurrence of air displacement as a Red-tailed Hawk screamed vertically. This magnificent Raptor was completely perpendicular to the earth, from my vantage point, wings spread; almost motionless in body, yet soaring upward on perhaps God’s whisper. The Hawk was so close to me I could have leaned forward and grabbed his wings; we were that close! (Doubtful the Hawk could have taken my 240 LBs (108.86 KG) frame for a ride; though God could (this experiment will not be performed!). I stood in wonder watch the spectacular show of the Hawk performing concentric circles overhead for the next 20 minutes.

The point of my sharing this experience is that I had asked for a sign, and received it! I called out requesting, no, demanding something in that moment.  I believe my answer was not in response to my demand, but more of a ‘calling my bluff/cards’! That is, “OK Stephen, I am going to CALL you…here you go! Now I am going to RAISE you (think Poker) one!” The answers or messages I receive in such states are more than to just let me know everything is OK, the way it should be, through materialized presences, or when I am exhibiting a different level of awareness, through an interspecies communicated message. Much more than this! It is the ‘answering the call’ by ‘calling me to answer’!

Other Hawk encounters include providing guidance and comfort while visiting my biological father’s grave site, for the first time. On Friday, 1 July 2012, two days after learning 1) my biological father was in Washington and 2) he had died in 1986, I had driven from Sacramento, California, to Winlock, Washington, to make peace, find comfort, and offer forgiveness to a man who I have no memory of. As I turned right onto a gravel road that led to the cemetery, I stopped the car. My Spirit energy was low; maybe on empty. Although I didn’t know it at the time, my inner guide knew I needed to connect with Source and ‘fill up’! Praying with my dear confidant, we asked for love, guidance, and protection, for what lie ahead. “Not my will, but thy will, be done!” Concluding the prayer and meditation we both looked up in the sky. Above was my Hawk, circling in the freedom that lay ahead of me. The circles of the Hawk’s flight path appeared to connect where I was that present moment, on my journey, and where I was headed (the resting spot of my father’s human form). The photo above is of my Hawk at the moment of my prayer, before continuing to the grave site.

There are many experiences with magnitude similar to that resulting from my experience shared above, of my encounters with what I now believe (know) is my Animal Spirit Guide, the Hawk. Following the transition of my Deer-headed Chihuahua Caesar, I have looked for and seen my Falconiformes Spirit Guide every day. Following are a few photos of my Hawk that I have been fortunate enough to capture with my camera recently.

(I was not ready with the camera for this shot.)

As I stared writing this morning, I quickly realized there are too many experiences to share in one Post; therefore, I conclude this Posting with the intention of subsequent Posts related to this subject.


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A great story and great photos. Thanks!


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