Today’s Intention: Today I intend to be mindful of each ‘present moment’, continuing to consciously work towards the undoing of my Ego, through focused mind training effort.

I have spent much of my life trapped in a thought form of the past or the future. I respect my ability to not stay present. Like shadow work, I choose not to deny any part of me, including those Egoic tactics which do not serve my relative healthiness.

To assist me with today’s intention, starting now, I will receive a Mindful Bell every 15 minutes, for the next four hours, courtesy of my Insight Meditation Time application on my iPhone. I will be still, and check-in internally to see what emotions and thoughts in that moment I am present to. 

1/24/2014 17:16:59

Very insightful blog SKG. :)
Did u get a chance to explore the info I sent u on "Abraham Hicks"?...


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