Today I will not dwell on the past or on the future.  I have no need of the past or of the future, when I step fully into the present moment; the Now.

Today I will release the past and the burden that I have attached to it.  The past no longer exists and has to control or power in this moment, the present.  The future does not exist and is therefore a result of the choices and decisions I make in the present. I know that when I am fully present in the Now, walking my spiritual path, the future will be in alignment with God’s will for me.  

Today I realize that God’s will is for abundant peace, happiness, health, and love. Today I pray to be fully present and in alignment with God’s will, believing that the illusion of struggle or strain is symptomatic of my moving in a direction opposite of God’s will.

Today I acknowledge the feelings or thoughts of struggle or strain as cardinal points on the divine compass; these thoughts or feelings point me in the divine direction of my Being – turning me away from the direction that results from continuing down the path of struggle or strain.  In bringing such feelings or thoughts close to me, I can quickly release them and let them go; I am back on the divine path, aligned with the power and strength of God’s will.

The present moment is the home of my Being; it is the place where my heart is centered, allowing heart to heart connections with others. 

Today I pray to remain conscious throughout my day asking for the strength to walk in love and light with integrity, allowing me to live what I know to be true.


Today I ‘release and let go’!  Today I am aligned with God’s Will!

2/6/2013 20:59:13

Very moving...

2/24/2013 16:49:53

Is there a choice which better serves us in our unfoldmeant?


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