Today, Wednesday, 16 January 2013, marks the one-week anniversary of the departure of my beloved companion and dear family member, Caesar Grilley, from the form of existence I am familiar with to his true home.  Caesar had a very special meaning in my life, at the same time, assisting in changing it forever. For that and so much more, I will be forever grateful!

This last week was full of opportunities to experience difficult emotions, such as denial, anger, sadness, depression, guilt, abandonment (ah, there is a childhood wound that may surface in subsequent writings), etc. I felt every stage of grief, except for that of ‘bargaining’; at least on a conscious/aware level. My experience as resulted in the awareness that the stages of grief are not always exhibited in a particular order; I experience each multiple times, and in various, mixed, sequences.  Not desiring ‘acceptance’ to feel “left out” of this entry, I shall share that I have reached the stage of acceptance over Caesar’s ‘return home’ at least fifty times during the last seven days!

One purpose of my first blog/journal (not sure what to call it yet) entry is to share one particular experience from today’s one-week anniversary.  I spent the day, and the majority of this last week with Caesar’s collar fashioned into a bracelet, which I wore on my right wrist.  This morning I visited a Spiritual center I am familiar with for a meditation, reading, and prayer that initiated at 12:15 p.m. (occurs daily). Following the conclusion of the reading I spent time alone in continued mediation. Transition from my time of meditation to prayer, I grasped Caesar’s identification tag, which is attached to the collar/make shift bracelet, with my left hand. Holding his name, and in a sense his essence/Being, I prayed for some sort of message or sign to be provided to me, related to my beloved Caesar. 

I knew following the reading I would gently dip my hand into a glass bowl, near the exit of the meditation room, which contains hundreds of prayers/affirmations, rolled into tiny scripts, held together by bands. For years these scripts have been a source of direction and divine communication for me and to me. Comfort, strength, affirmation, support, and caution, are a few of the reoccurring messages provided to me, through these scripts, from Source. 

Still grasping Caesar’s identification tag with my thumb and index finger from my left hand, I asked that a message on how Caesar was doing be provided to me, in the form of one of the scripts.  Departing the room I reached in and pulled three scripts.  1) for my dear friend I would be meeting later, 2) for myself, and 2) to me about my little buddy Caesar. 

Shortly after pulling the three scripts I met my friend for coffee and conversation.  I took one of the three scripts and slide it across the table. “Here you go; free of charge!” A second script was pulled from the left inner jacket breast pocket, and read; this one was for me.  Finally, the moment had come.  I was ready, wanted, and perhaps believed it was time for me to hear about Caesar.  I shared with my dear friend my prayer and that this last, unbound script, was going to be a message about my liberated teacher of unconditional love.  Sliding off the band, I unraveled the script and lay it across the table.  Following is a photograph of the message from/about Caesar.

The above is one of five evident, impaction messages I believe that I have received from Source during this last difficult week. I look forward to sharing my experience related to the other messages in time.

Blessings and Love!

1/18/2013 06:23:55

Thank You Steven for sharing from your heart about your process. Brad


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