"We are not human beings is search of a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings emersed in a human experience."

-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Getting the Body dialed in through tasks such as meal planning and preparation, can be a lot fun when consideration is given to taste as well as measurable, achievable goals. 

In my spiritual communities I often hear individuals purposefully provide unsolicited opinions on how the body is not nearly important as the spirit or the mind. Awesome stories are generated and shared about how exercise is just not a requirement as this body is only a temporary vehicle. I went through a period where I provided similar statements as I was discovering my way, at the same time paying less attention to things such as diet and exercise. My result? Not a healthy one with less than desirable effects on my Spirit and Mind. If I really am a spiritual being having a temporary human experience in this body, to take from parts of the Bible and to use Dr. Wayne Dyer's words, it makes sense for me to put equal effort into the body as I do the Spirit and Mind (and for me there is a fourth component, the 'Shadow'). 

My third meal today, shown in the photo below, is quinoa, black beans, and chicken, and tastes amazing. Once to twice per week I spend hours making a total of 14 of these meals, in which I freeze and that are ready for me. These meals make up Meal 3 and Meal 4.

I am grateful for the awareness to treat the gift of my body as a temple (it has been called other names, such as a playground, tavern, ruins, punching bag, experimental @&$#, etc.), only doing the best I can on any given day.

Enjoy you day and here's to relatively healthy living!

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