I have spent much of the last six months, living on Hawai'i, processing, releasing and letting go of that which does not serve me, healing, sitting, exploring, etc., etc., etc. I am exhausted and am ready for more fun...for more balance and peace.  

More than anything I desire to be loved, to love, and to live my life purposefully...intentionally. Ingredients for this life, I believe, include awareness and equanimity. I know that I possess awareness. However, I believe that I am not always equanimous with 'what is'...or what comes up, how I show up, my reactions to external stimuli that trigger habit loops that are symptomatic of old wounds...old scripting...etc.
Today I shall practice mental and emotional calmness and composure when I become aware that I am experiencing a difficult emotion. 

It's time to 'open the doors' and allow the friendships that are all around me, the love that is already there, in. In my continued pursuit of liberation, I choose to simply open my 'eyes' and see what is already, absolutely True. ...Love is all there is.
5/5/2016 16:29:07

I am going through the similar and I believe awarness which is something you have is the key for everything else...


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